Nigerians hold rally to celebrate Iran's Islamic Revolution anniversary

2023-02-11 09:27:47

Thousands of people in Nigeria held rallies on Friday to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 led by late Imam Khomeini.

The precessions were held in Africa’s most populous nation after Friday prayers in Abuja and Kano States.

Sheikh Sunusi Abdulkadir said today's celebrations are for all oppressed people around the world. He also prayed for other nations especially African countries to get freedom from the world's arrogant powers.

The Iranian nation overthrew the despotic regime of Pahlavi, which was fully supported by the United States in the winter of 1979. The struggle against the Shah regime reached full fruition on February 11, 1979.

By December 1978, millions of Iranians had taken to the streets in protest against the policies of the shah – Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – on a regular basis.

Imam Khomeini returned to Iran from exile on February 1, 1979. He was received by millions of people weeks after the departure of the shah in mid-January 1979.

The collapse of the Pahlavi regime became certain on February 11 when the military renounced its loyalty to the shah and joined the Revolution.


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