Iranian Embassy in Russian capital marks anniversary of Islamic Revolution

2023-02-11 14:32:04
Iranian Embassy in Russian capital marks anniversary of Islamic Revolution

More than 1700 guests attended the National Day reception in Moscow hosted by the Iranian Embassy to mark the 44th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The reception was attended by top Russian dignitaries as well as military figures and members of the civil society. Non-Russian diplomats could also be seen at the event.

Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist told Press TV that he predicted that modern Iran and Russia would grow closer years ago.

Both nations share the same values, interests and both belong to the ancient Eurasian civilization, Dugin said.

They also seek to bring an end to years of western dominance and oppression across the globe, he added.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who was a guest speaker, said that last year alone, trade between Iran and Russia has reached $5 billion.

The position of the two countries is in tune with a number of international agendas, Novak said. The two nations oppose the model of a unipolar device and will do everything to defend their sovereignty, he added.

The guests of the reception all believed in one thing: the stability of Iran’s Islamic revolution is due to the unquestioning support of people. Iranians are defending their revolution despite constant propaganda as well as huge funds to overthrow its results.

The anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution is commemorated in Russia every year.


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