Iran: Munich security conference a smokescreen for promoting war

2023-02-20 18:03:25
Iran: Munich security conference a smokescreen for promoting war

Iran has blasted the organizers of this year’s Munich Security Conference for not giving an equal chance to all members of the international community to present their views.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani said during a presser on Monday that the Munich conference this year hosted some anti-Iran figures instead of the Iranian government.

He said the organizers of the annual event made “a grave mistake” and “damaged the conference’s credulity” as they sought unilateralism in the international order by preventing the expression of different views, especially those that are opposed to the US government.

The spokesman said the event took place under the slogan of security but actually promoted war.

“The Islamic Republic is one of the most important countries with an undisputed role in deepening and consolidating regional security, and it is among effective countries that helps reinforce international security,” he added.

“The conference was held in the name of security, but it did not invite important countries such as the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and Russia. It means that the conference has given the opportunity, which could be used to raise different multilateral views regarding international order and security, to parties and currents that sought to consolidate unilateralism in the international arena.”

Kan’ani noted that Iran has contributed a lot to security in the region and Europe by fighting terrorist groups such as Daesh.

“We believe that this year, the conference was organized in the name of security, but for the sake of war and warmongers,” he said.


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