Number of UK children in food poverty nearly doubles in 1 year to 4 million

2023-03-04 21:47:55
Number of UK children in food poverty nearly doubles in 1 year to 4 million

The number of UK children in food poverty has nearly doubled in the last year to almost 4 million, new data shows, amid Britain’s cost of living crisis.

According to the Food Foundation thinktank, one in five (22%) of households reported skipping meals, going hungry or not eating for a whole day in January, up from 12% at the equivalent point in 2022.

After energy costs, the UK"s rocketing price of putting a meal on the table is now the biggest single pressure on low-income household budgets.

After sustained price rises over the past year in Britain, grocery inflation currently stands at 17.1%, the highest level on record.

There has been renewed political interest in widening eligibility for free school meals as a way of mitigating the cost of living crisis for low-income families.

People across Europe struggle to pay bills amid cost of living crisis

Europe’s cost of living crisis started with energy price hikes, but has now spread to all sectors and is affecting all of the continent and further afield

The problem has many components but the one that most concerns political leaders and affects households the most is food price inflation, Euronews said in a report.

In February, gas prices in Europe fell to their lowest level in almost 18 months, however, food prices are continuing their upward trend.

In January, food prices across the European Union rose by an average of 18.4% compared to a year ago.


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