Iran’s vice president proposes setting up joint bank with Africa

2023-03-07 21:08:31
Iran’s vice president proposes setting up joint bank with Africa

Iranian Vice President for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaei called for the establishment of a joint bank with Africa, saying it will greatly help develop relations between Iran and the continent.

Speaking at a conference on boost scientific and economic cooperation between Iran and West Africa, held in Tehran on Monday, Rezaei said Iran attaches great importance to its relations with African countries.

Africa managed to achieve independence after centuries and presently is on the right track of development and growth, he said, adding that Africa can regain its international status with its successful economy.

Rezaei pointed to the high capacities and potentials of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the international level and added that the country can give a boost to many advanced industries in West Africa.

Iran on Monday kicked off a three-day forum with West African countries, dubbed IRANWAC, to boost economic and scientific cooperation with that region.

In remarks at a meeting with a group of African officials on Monday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi expressed the country’s readiness to share its technical achievements with the African states, calling for plans to facilitate the Iranian private sectors’ engagement in various projects in Africa.


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