Brown rice has more health benefits than white rice, experts say

2023-03-11 20:35:34
Brown rice has more health benefits than white rice, experts say

Brown rice is considered to be healthy due to the higher amount of fiber that it contains when compared to white rice.

It has many benefits. Brown rice helps to prevent obesity, helps to improve digestive health and aids in diabetes control.

Brown rice is also high in antioxidants. When serving your plate of food, make sure that one quarter of your plate is made up of a healthy carbohydrate source such as brown rice.

Brown rice actually indicates the rice which is in its whole grain form. Since it is not processed much, it has its nutrients intact. Brown rice has two outer layers I.e., the bran and germ and these two layers contain maximum minerals and vitamins.

While making white rice, these elements are removed and so are the nutrients. Thus, brown rice is considered more beneficial from the health point of view. Let us know about the health benefits of brown rice in detail.

Prevents the risk of diabetes and other chronic illnesses

As per some studies, brown rice has a low glycemic index which prevents blood sugar levels from spiking up. Unlike brown rice, white rice may increase the risk of diabetes. So, you are a diabetic, you should definitely switch to brown rice for a healthier lifestyle.

Consuming brown rice can reduce the risk of chronic diseases to a great extent. Brown rice is anti-cholesterol and cardioprotective as well as antioxidant. It could be beneficial for post-meal sugar control, thanks to its lower glycemic index.

Promotes healthy heart health

Brown rice contains such ingredients that can keep the heart fit and healthy. Since brown rice is a great source of dietary fiber, it can prevent heart diseases. Also, brown rice has a high content of magnesium that prevents heart strokes.

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