UK’s cost of living crisis leading more people to consider suicide

2023-03-13 21:59:23
UK’s cost of living crisis leading more people to consider suicide

More people in Britain are contemplating suicide as they "cannot cope" as a result of rising costs, charities have said.

Charities supporting those with chronic diseases or disabilities have called for an overhaul of the benefits system.

One woman who has multiple sclerosis (MS) said her costs had almost trebled.

The UK government said it was committed to protecting the most vulnerable and is increasing benefits in line with inflation.

A chronic illness is a long-term health condition that may not have a cure, such as MS, arthritis or diabetes.

Sioned Williams, who has MS, said she struggled to pay the bills and could not do anything when she was cold due to her symptoms.

Cat Shorney-Jones, from MS Society Wales, said many who come to them were "at the end of their tether", with the stress often affecting their condition and exacerbating their symptoms.

"People are incredibly desperate, they're having to choose between heating the house or eating, or putting fuel in cars to go to appointments," said Ms Shorney-Jones.

"There are people who are considering taking their own life because they just can't cope anymore, and there has to be a change, so people aren't suffering in this same way."



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