Transforming African economies through Pan-Africanization

2023-03-16 22:12:25
Transforming African economies through Pan-Africanization

How to strengthen intra-African trade, which only accounts for 17% of trade on the continent? The African Union advocates a pan-Africanization of the economic system.

The 5th UN Conference on Least Developed Countries in Doha, Qatar, emphasized the key role of financing for Small and Medium Enterprises .

Economists are unanimous: Africa's success on world markets depends on intensified regional integration. However, a disturbing observation is that intra-African trade only represents 17% of exchanges against 73% with European countries and 52% with Asian countries.

To facilitate trade, the secretary of African Continental Free Trade Area and Rwanda recently signed an agreement for Kigali to headquarter the $10 billion adjustment fund for the free trade zone.


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