Tehran metro set to carry 10 million passengers each day

2023-03-19 20:59:02

Having 257 kilometers of metro lines with 148 stations, the metro system in Iran's ca[ital is the largest subway system in the Middle East.

Under a seven-year plan, the Tehran metro will be able to carry 10 million passengers a day by 2025. Saman Kojouri reports from Tehran.

In 1999, an overland Tehran-Karaj express electric train started a limited service of 31.4 km between Azadi Square in Tehran and Malard in Karaj. This was Iran’s first experience in subway transportation.

The Tehran Metro used to utilize equipment manufactured by a wide range of international companies but today most of the equipment used for the subway is manufactured and produced by Iranian specialists.

Tehran subway consists of six operational metro lines and an additional commuter rail line, with construction underway on three lines including the west extension of line 4, line 6, and the north and east extension of line 7.

It is planned to have a length of 430 kilometers with nine lines once all construction is complete by 2025.

Presently Tehran metro carries over one million and six hundred passengers every day.

Saving time and reducing travel time is one of Metro's blessings and advantages.

One of the negative points of urban traffic is the wastage of citizens' time, but the creation of a suitable public transportation system like the subway will increase the production efficiency of society.


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