Ramadan 2023: The many benefits of fasting

2023-03-23 21:27:21
Ramadan 2023: The many benefits of fasting

The holy month of Ramadan, which began this year on Wednesday, is the month during which Muslims are obligated to fast.

A fasting Muslim must abstain from certain activities, most notably eating and drinking, from dawn to dusk, which continues for a whole month.

Fasting, which is an obligation in various religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. has numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

There is considerable evidence that fasting can prevent, and may even reverse, some chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and age-related neurological disorders.

A recent study from the University of Utah in the US showed that intermittent fasting may help you to live longer.

Studies have found that such benefits may be associated with molecular changes that occur in multiple organs around the body.


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