Iran: Some Western agencies behind murder of police forces during riots

2023-03-27 19:02:32
Iran: Some Western agencies behind murder of police forces during riots

Iran’s High Council for Human Rights (HCHR) has published a new report highlighting the circumstances surrounding the gruesome murder of Iranian security forces during the recent riots in Iran.

The report also reveals the role that certain Western countries and their agents played in orchestrating the deadly riots.

The 83-page report, obtained by Press TV on Monday, starts with acknowledging the fact that Iran has always endeavored to have the highest security factor among the West Asian countries, and has followed the strategy of non-interference in the domestic affairs of others and reciprocally not allowing other countries to interfere in those of its own.

It says such independence has come at a high price for arrogant powers, which define their survival in the exploitation of other countries’ state of affairs and consider it their right to meddle in the internal affairs of others.

The report notes that these countries aggressively seek to destabilize and foster insecurity in Iran through different modus operandi, and employment of terrorism is among the tactics that the enemies have used against the country following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“Over the past four decades, more than 17,000 Iranians have been assassinated,” Iran’s High Council for Human Rights stated, emphasizing that the enemies have left no stone unturned to materialize their destabilization strategy as they cannot stomach Iran’s independence and the resistance of the Iranian nation against the avarice of arrogant powers.

The report added that enemies “grasped the opportunity to ride the wave of unrest and fan the flames of protests” following the tragic death of young Iranian woman Mahsa Amini on September 17, 2022.

The Iranian rights council then lambasted the accompanying of those who went along with the enemies’ fiendish plots and scenarios, arguing that the mistaken step caused the protests to fade away and morph into riots quickly, dealing a heavy blow to and inflicting a dramatic loss on the country and the nation.

“Iranian people, having prioritized their national interests, soon parted ways with rioters and separatists, emerging victorious from such a test once again,” the report said.

It then pointed to the death and injury of members of law enforcement forces during the recent unrest in Iran.

“During three months of riots, a significant number of young Iranians – more than 7,000 people – were injured by the rioters for merely defending the country’s national security, and some were even brutally murdered.

“The death and injury of members of security forces come as, according to official instructions and available documents, they did not even carry any firearms to defend themselves against rioters and armed terrorists. On the other hand, rioters and terrorists took to the streets with firearms and shot security and police forces and even passers-by, killing many of them,” the report read.


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