Iran Leader: US benefiting from Ukraine war as Europeans take the brunt

2023-04-04 23:08:38
Iran Leader: US benefiting from Ukraine war as Europeans take the brunt

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, says the United States is chiefly to blame for the ongoing war in Ukraine, arguing that the war has created divisions between Washington and its European allies.

“The US started the war in Ukraine. There are many reasons [for it]… Many people in the world hold the same belief, even though Americans themselves don’t acknowledge it,” Ayatollah Khamenei said on Tuesday.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the heads of Iran’s three branches of government, a number of parliament members, current and former authorities, and senior managers of various organizations.

The Leader noted that the Ukraine war has caused a rift between Washington and its European allies, adding that “Europeans are actually the ones who are taking the brunt of the war, while the US reaps the benefits of it.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also called the Ukraine war a testament to the fact that the US is becoming weaker.

Last month, an American writer and political commentator said the Ukraine war is a US/NATO war against Russia, and that the US trying to “destabilize the government, the population, and the economy of Ukraine.”

“This is a NATO war. A US and Collective West war,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV in an interview on March 2.

Earlier, a former US state senator said the United States was to blame for constantly meddling in the internal affairs of independent countries and starting both the wars in Iraq and Ukraine.

In an interview with Russia’s RT television news network published on February 24, ex-state Senator from Virginia, Richard Black, said that the US overthrew the governments of both of these countries to turn them into puppets, stressing that Washington is the “source of both” Iraq and Ukraine conflicts.

Black also pointed out that while most Americans do not want to be involved in the conflicts, the US “foreign policy establishment” pursues its own separate agenda.

Black insisted that the US “overthrew Iraq with military force, coming in from across the globe,” and has “gone in and overthrown Ukraine with military force from the other side of the globe.”

The Ukraine conflict broke out when the CIA “staged a violent, bloody coup” in Kiev in 2014 and helped remove the legitimately elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, from power, the former state senator said.


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