Chad expels German ambassador from Central African nation over 'impolite' attitude

2023-04-08 19:02:11
Chad expels German ambassador from Central African nation over 'impolite' attitude

Chad has ordered the German ambassador to leave the Central African country due to his "impolite attitude" and "lack of respect for diplomatic customs," Chad's Communication Ministry said.

Jan-Christian Gordon Kricke, who has been serving as Germany's ambassador to Chad since 2021, was given 48 hours to leave the central African country on Friday.

The two-line statement posted by the ministry did not expand on the reasons it gave for Kricke's expulsion.

A source in Chad's goverment told the French news agency AFP that Kricke was seen as "interfering too much" and making divisive remarks.

He had been warned on several occasions, the source added.

The country has been ruled by a transitional military government headed by President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno since April 2021.

Germany, as with other European colonial powers, are guilty of committing genocide in Africa.

Europe, which seeks to establish itself as a civilized and pro-human rights continent, has a long history of human rights abuses in many parts of the world, including Africa.

Germany, which lost all its colonial territories after World War One, was the third biggest colonial power after Britain and France. However, its colonial past was ignored for decades while historians and politicians focused more on the legacy of Nazi crimes.


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