Muslims in India mourn demolition anniversary of holy shrine of al-Baqi in Medina

2023-05-01 21:49:55

This week marks the anniversary of the sorrowful destruction of the holy shrine of four Shia Imams and successors of Prophet Muhammad who are buried in al-Baqi cemetery in the holy city of Medina.

The holy shrine was demolished in 1806 by Wahabbis and, following reconstruction in the mid-19th century, was destroyed again in 1926.

Muslims across India have observed Youm-e-Inhedam Jannatul Baqi across the country and carried out mourning processions to mark the tragic event.

A protest was organised by IAYF (Isna Ashari Youths Foundation) in Mumba.

At Moghul Masjid, Dongri, Mumbai, religious leaders like Maulana Mahdi Mahadavipour and Maulana Husain Mehdi Husaini strongly condemned the demolition of the holy shrine.

They said their protest would continue until the restoration of the holy shrines. Around 50 more religious speakers and more then 500 people attended the protest.

On the occasion solidarity was also expressed with the people of Palestine, Yemen and Syria.

Al-Baqi embraces the holy bodies of four Shiite imams, namely Imam Hassan, Imam Sajjad, Imam Baqir, and Imam Sadiq, as well as some revered women of Islam.


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