Britain’s disastrous Sudan evacuation only saving diplomats

2023-05-04 12:49:38
Britain’s disastrous Sudan evacuation only saving diplomats

Anger over the British government's treatment of the crisis in Sudan continues to grow after the government refused to prepare plans to host refugees from the African country.

As the evacuation of British nationals from war torn Sudan is finally underway, criticism of the UK's response to the crisis remains widespread.

The nighttime rescue of British diplomats from the Sudanese capital last weekend by Special Forces was meant to help expunge the bitter memory of Britain's chaotic withdrawal from Kabul two years ago that left many Afghans eligible for relocation to the UK stranded.

But the recent operation only managed to secure the release of two dozen British diplomats.

As the week progressed criticism grew over London rescuing fewer nationals than other European countries, such as France and Germany.

Reports suggest restrictive rules on who can board the flights had left people stranded.


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