Is the West and Israel involved in fomenting deadly chaos in Sudan?

2023-05-18 12:15:48

The ongoing conflict in Sudan will have regional and global implications and some Western powers and Israel are involved in fomenting deadly chaos in this African nation.

In October 2021, Sudan’s military staged a coup that put an end to the country’s democratic transition that had begun with the removal of Omar al-Bashir.

Nonetheless, the unrest continued, and in mid-April, fresh fighting broke out in Sudan.

Hundreds of people have been killed and 1000s injured in fighting between two rival generals in Sudan: the Army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who has for years been the de facto leader of Sudan, and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemedti.

In recent months, tensions between the army and the RSF have grown as a deadline for forming a civilian government approached.

After the overthrow of al-Bashir, Khartoum joined the so-called Abraham Accords to normalize ties with Israel.

Sudan’s rush to normalize relations with an apartheid and occupying regime surprised not only nations in the region, but even Israel.

A few months before the recent conflict in Sudan, Israel's foreign minister visited Sudan and met Abdul Fattah Burhan, the commander of the army of this country and the unofficial ruler of Sudan.

Sudan’s recognition of Israel worsened the country’s crisis by intensifying conflict in the armed forces and escalating public anger over the pro-Israel policies.


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