Just 18 percent of Americans satisfied with state of nation: Gallup

2023-06-01 13:46:35
Just 18 percent of Americans satisfied with state of nation: Gallup

A new poll has revealed only 18 percent of Americans are satisfied with the state of the US, about half of the 35 percent historical average.

The Gallup poll found the percentage of Americans reporting they are satisfied with the way the country is going has stayed below 20 percent since March.

Along party lines, 33 percent of Democrats said they are satisfied, 18 percent of independents said the same and just 4 percent of Republicans say they are satisfied with the state of the nation.

The poll also noted the lowest rating of national satisfaction since 1979 was in October 2008 during the recession, and the highest point was in February 1999 at 71 percent.

The poll also added that the May rating of national satisfaction is slightly higher than it was heading into last summer, when inflation and gas prices were skyrocketing.

On the economy, 17 percent of Americans said that economic conditions are “excellent” or “good.” Thirty-six percent said they are “only fair,” and 47 percent said the economic conditions were “poor.” Twenty percent said that the economy is getting better, while 76 percent said it is getting worse.

When asked what the most important problem facing the United States was today, the top answer, at 18 percent, was the government. The economy and immigration were the second most important issues, and they each received 13 percent of the respondents’ vote, while 10 percent said inflation was the top issue.

Source: The Hill


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