Africa at the heart of the digital revolution

2023-06-21 19:48:40
Africa at the heart of the digital revolution

Artificial intelligence is getting increasingly popular in Africa, a continent firmly at the heart of the digital revolution.

From June 14th to 17th at Vivatech, Paris' largest tech show, over 2,500 exhibitors will showcase their latest innovation aimed at shaping tomorrow's world.

African startups need to collaborate in today’s digital economy, Ivorian Minister of Communication and the Digital Economy Amadou Coulibaly, told Africa News.

"Our social and cultural realities are different from those of other continents. We believe that African countries are similar in some ways, and one of the aims of digital transformation is to make people's lives easier," the spokesperson for the Ivorian government said.

Tony Elumelu on African entrepreneurship

This year’s first is a pavilion dedicated to the future of sports. And Africa will play a role in it. Senegal, more precisely, will host the 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2026.

Thursday’s (June 15) high point was a long-awaited talk by Nigerian philanthropist and afrocapitalist Tony Elumelu. He sang the praises of African entrepreneurship.

"You must embrace technology to succeed. You must embrace technology to survive. If you fail to embrace technology, you’re building your business to fail," the 60-year-old said.

"And as entrepreneurs, we should be building businesses to last. Some of us are where we are today because we built our businesses to last, and even to last longer beyond us."


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