Iran Leader: Islamic Revolution saved Iran from moral, political decline

2023-06-25 18:06:35
Iran Leader: Islamic Revolution saved Iran from moral, political decline

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reiterated that the 1979 Islamic Revolution saved Iran from sinking into a moral, religious and political decline.

Addressing a large crowd of family members of Iranian martyrs in Tehran on Sunday, the Leader credited the heroic sacrifices of martyrs and their families for the Islamic Revolution.

“Your martyrs changed the country’s destiny in one of the most critical periods of its history," the Leader emphasized. "The Islamic Revolution took place to preserve the country, which was rapidly falling into moral, religious and political decay, and salvaged it.”

The Leader further hailed the Iranian youth for defending the country during Iraqi imposed war in the 1980s -- known as the sacred defense -- and subsequent enemy plots to destabilize the country, saying: “Then, the enemy launched a military attack. It was the youth who resisted for eight years and saved the country. Then, our youth [firmly] stood up against various sedition efforts, various moves to foment unrest, and different sorts of enemy aggressions until today.”

He underlined that the youth embraced martyrdom, including in last year’s riots, to save the country and steer its fate toward dignity.

The Leader also called on the media and the artists to introduce and highlight the martyrs as role models to the younger generations. He further urged the parents and spouses of martyrs to keep narrating and recounting the stories and lifestyles of their loved ones.

Ayatollah Khamenei then went on to reiterate that the memories of Iranian martyrs should live on as they are ideal “role models” for the youth.

“The behavior of these heroes, their distinguished moral traits, lifestyle, and changes in their lives set an example for the society, especially teenagers and young people,” he said.

He added that publishing the memories of the martyrs’ families will have a significant impact in rightfully promoting the martyrs as true role models.


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