France advised to use correct name of Persian Gulf: Iran

2023-06-25 23:32:05
France advised to use correct name of Persian Gulf: Iran

Iran has censured France’s use of a misnomer for the Persian Gulf in a tweet, calling on the government in Paris to refrain from making meddlesome statements and leveling accusations against the Islamic Republic.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan’ani posted a statement on Twitter on Sunday in reaction to the tweet by the French Foreign Ministry, in which Iran was accused of being a “source of instability” in “the Gulf” and West Asia.

“If the Persian Gulf is in question, then its correct, historical and international name must be used,” Kan’ani said in the Persian-language tweet.

“While France is several thousand kilometers away from the Persian Gulf region, it is advised to avoid making interventionist statements instead of accusing Iran.”

Several international scientific conferences have been held in recent years to discuss the historical roots of the Persian Gulf.

Researchers from reputable academic centers worldwide are almost unanimous in their opinion that the body of water has been referred to as the Persian Gulf throughout history.

Some regional countries and Western publications, however, continue to distort historical facts by omitting “Persian” from the full name or using a misnomer.

Iranians annually observe the Persian Gulf Day on the 10th of Ordibehesht, the second month on the Persian calendar, which usually falls on April 30. The date coincides with the anniversary of a successful military campaign by Shah Abbas I of Persia in 1622, which forced the Portuguese navy out of the Strait of Hormuz.


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