Common values and opportunities for mutual benefit between Iran and Africa

2023-07-09 22:28:14
Common values and opportunities for mutual benefit between Iran and Africa

On the eve of a visit by Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi to the three African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, questions will likely be raised about the impact of relations with Africa in improving Iran's economic development.

Also, the opponents of the development of relations between Iran and Africa will present false narratives about this trip by distorting the facts, and as usual, we will witness negative reactions by global powers and Iran's regional rivals to the increasing cooperation and exchanges between Iran and Africa.

It seems that focusing on the common points and the opportunities for mutual benefit between Iran and Africa underscores the benefits of this three-nation tour and the necessity of developing relations between Iran and Africa more than ever.

At first glance, both Iran and Africa are looking to maintain their independence and developing ties based on their cultural background, and with unique geopolitical opportunities and resources, as well as young human capital, they can meet each other's needs.

The situation in Iran and Africa has changed compared to a few decades ago and they have made tremendous progress in various fields, but the truth about Iran and Africa have always been distorted by slanders of western media.

The information that the Iranian public has about Africa and the knowledge that the African people have about Iran need to be corrected and enhanced.

The lack of knowledge about the opportunities in Iran and Africa has become one of the most important obstacles in the development of relations between them.

Cooperation of independent media outlets in Iran and African can break the Western media imperialism so that the truths of Iran and Africa can be manifested in different fields.

The contemporary history of Iran and Africa is full of crimes of colonialism and neo-imperialism by America and Europe. Both Iran and Africa are suffering from the conspiracies and warmongering of foreigners and their efforts to divide and create war between neighboring nations, ethnic groups and tribes.

Fortunately, the convergence strategy between African countries and the policy of the new Iranian government to converge with its neighbors open a common path for Iran and Africa and lead to the defeat of the policies of the common enemies of Iran and Africa.

The continuous warmongering of America and its allies have always been a threat to the stability and security of Iran and African countries. The exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of curbing war-mongering will increase the amount of peace and stability for these two regions.

The people of Iran and Africa are both victims of terrorist groups created by colonial powers. The authority of our defense base and our successful experiences and Iran's independence and progress in military industries in dealing with terrorist movements can greatly contribute to the development of security and stability in Africa.

Iran and Africa have always been damaged by the dual view of the West on human rights. During the outbreak of Covid-19, the inhuman behavior of the US and EU in providing medicine and vaccine is recorded in our memories.

Iran's advances in the fields of drug production and medical treatment and education can serve the people of Africa with lower costs.

Many times before, we have had reports about the sending of experimental or expired drugs from several Western countries to Africa, and on a live French television program, an official stated that vaccines were first tested on African people and then They used to ensure the amount of taxes for the people of France.

Iranians are a proud and resistant nation against the hegemonic adversaries, and the African people also have a spirit of pride and resistance against the colonialist enemies, and the culture of resistance is a common symbol in the literature, culture and history of Iran and Africa.

The development and deepening of relations between Iran and Africa is an undeniable necessity for both of us to achieve a higher position in the new world order.


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