Iran and many African countries have common views regarding global issues

2023-07-09 23:28:02
Iran and many African countries have common views regarding global issues

Africa consists of 54 countries. Iran and many African countries often have common views regarding global issues, and cooperation between Iran and Africa in this field has been and will be beneficial for both sides.

According to the predictions of reliable international institutions, the population of Africa will reach 2.5 billion people by 2050, and at that time, about 40% of the total population under the age of 18 will be Africans.

Africa is becoming the largest consumer goods and services in the world. The continent’s digital technology sector, including software, cloud technology and internet services, has experienced significant growth since 2010, and the penetration of the internet has increased 10 times in the last 12 years, and the internet economy in Africa will reach 712 billion dollars by 2050.

There are more than 600 digital hubs in this continent, all of which have made significant progress in fostering innovation.

The volume of African trade last year was about 1200 billion dollars and unfortunately, despite the efforts of the new government, Iran's share was a tiny share of that amount, which has no proportion with Iran's high position in the view and beliefs of African people.

The most effective way to communicate with the young African population is through cooperation in providing medical, technical, educational, and welfare services and empowering the new generation of Africa to have a better life. Obviously, the cooperation between Iranian and African universities can be a rich source of benefits for Iran and Africa.

Iran has always been a pioneer in the field of supporting peaceful coexistence between followers of monotheistic religions and has good relations with religious leaders around the world, and Africa is a land of different religions. The exchange of useful and constructive experiences between Iran and Africa in this field also brings peace, stability and progress to both countries.

Iran has been facing sanction since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and global powers banned the export of new technologies and advanced equipment to Iran. Years later, under the false pretext of obtaining non-peaceful nuclear energy, Iranian scientists exploited the most severe sanctions in modern history in favor of Iran's progress.

Africa has also been subject to an unwritten embargo on the export of new technologies.

The exchange of experiences in the field of lifting the oppressive sanctions of the West is one of the common opportunities between Iran and Africa, in which Iranian knowledge-based companies can play a very important role.

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