Iran’s exports to Africa grew 100% during current Iranian administration

2023-07-10 19:12:53
Iran’s exports to Africa grew 100% during current Iranian administration

Iran’s exports to African countries has registered a 100% growth since the current Iranian administration assumed office in August 2021, according to a trade association.

Seyed Rouhollah Latifi, the vice president of the Iran and Africa Merchants’ Club, made the remarks on Monday ahead of a visit by Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi to the three African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The visit of the highest executive official of the country to Africa after 10 years indicates the significance of the African continent in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he emphasized.

Regarding the obstacles facing the expansion of trade and economic relations with Africa, Latifi called on government officials to roll up their sleeves to settle the existing problem.

Increasing the number of commercial envoys in African countries, launching trade centers in the target countries, holding exhibitions and supporting Iranian traders to participate in exhibitions, removing restrictions on the import of gold to the country and admitting gold ingots against export currency are among the measures taken in the administration of Raeisi, he underlined.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the vice president referred to the volume of Iran’s trade exchange with Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe and added that Iran exported more than 128 tons of goods, valued at $73,781,000, to these three African countries in 2022.

Latifi further pointed out that Iran exported $53.2 million worth of goods to Kenya, $1.2 million worth of non-oil goods to Uganda and also $236,000 to Zimbabwe last year.

Honey, pistachio, raisin, dried fruits, saffron, chocolate, biscuit, gypsum and cement, medicines, medical equipment, urea, and cosmetics were of the main products exported to the aforementioned countries in this period.

The vice president also said that Iran imported $17.3 million worth of non-oil products from Kenya last year.


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