Iran pursuing development of economic ties with North Africa

2023-07-11 18:27:31
Iran pursuing development of economic ties with North Africa

Iran has emphasized the necessity of cooperation between Iran’s public institutions and the private sector to maximize commercial and economic cooperation with Africa, a senior Iranian official said.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari, made the remarks during the 6th session of Coordinating Headquarters of Foreign Economic Relations was held at the venue of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The session was held witha focus on “Compiling the Solutions for the Development of Trade-Economic Relations with the North African Countries”.

In this meeting, Safari pointed to the special emphasis laid by President Ebrahim Raisi on adopting a privileged approach in boosting cooperation with the African states.

Safari referred to the rivals in the region and called for accelerating the implementation of memoranda of understanding (MoUs) aimed at developing ties with countries in the African Continent.

Director General of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for West Asian and North African Affairs Mehdi Shoushtari was the next speaker who submitted a comprehensive report on the latest situation of political and trade relations with the North African states and expressed hope that activation of these commissions would expand bilateral economic ties with countries of the region.


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