Iran Presidential Raeisi visit to Africa has opened new economic opportunities

2023-07-19 22:12:11
Iran Presidential Raeisi visit to Africa has opened new economic opportunities

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s recent three-nation tour of Africa has provided new economic opportunities for Iranian businesses and entrepreneurs, according to Iran’s economic minister.

In comments at a press conference on Tuesday, the Iranian administration's economic spokesperson said new markets have become available to the Iranian economic activists and business people after the president’s recent tour of Africa. Raisi visited Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe last week.

Ehsan Khandouzi further described Africa as the land of new opportunities, saying the Iranian administration strives to turn these opportunities into practical capacities and make up for the shortcomings of its predecessors which had neglected such lucrative markets for 11 years.

Putting the value of the African market at over $1,200 billion, the spokesman said the share of Iran’s trade with the Africans at the end of the previous administration stood at only $600 million, while the administration of President Raisi has increased that number to $1.2 billion.

Speaking to reporters upon return from his African tour on Friday, Raisi stressed the need to promote ties with African nations, describing the continent as the land of opportunities where its potential should not be overlooked.

He said his three-nation tour of Africa was aimed at strengthening economic and trade relations with those countries and entering new markets with knowledge-based products made by Iranian experts.


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