African Union, ECOWAS bloc condemn attempted coup in Niger

2023-07-26 19:45:41
African Union, ECOWAS bloc condemn attempted coup in Niger

The African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on Wednesday condemned an attempted coup in Niger and called for President Mohamed Bazoum to be freed.

The European Union's foreign policy chief also said Brussels was "very concerned” about current events in the West African nation.

Niger’s presidential guard seized President Mohamed Bazoum inside his official residence on Wednesday and prevented him from leaving, as part of an attempted coup in the West African country.

Niger’s presidency warned that the army was ready to attack the troops if they did not back down.

The presidency’s official Twitter account said that presidential guards engaged in an “anti-Republican demonstration” and tried “in vain” to obtain the support of the other security forces.

It added that Bazoum and his family were well after news agencies quoted security sources as saying that the guards were holding Bazoum inside the presidential palace.

The palace and ministries next to it had been blocked off by military vehicles on Wednesday morning. Staff inside the palace were also unable to access their offices, presidency, and security sources said.

But there was calm elsewhere in the capital Niamey.


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