Thousands of protestors in Niger slam former colonial power France

2023-07-30 19:57:00
Thousands of protestors in Niger slam former colonial power France

Thousands of protestors in Niger marched in the capital, Niamey, on Sunday following a coup in the West African nation, forcefully denouncing former colonial power France.

The protesters stormed the French embassy and put a door of it on fire, according to a local source and videos seen by The Associated Press.

Some taking part in the rally also warned regional bodies who have denounced the coup to stay away, Politico reported.

Niger's elected President Mohamed Bazoum was removed from power and detained by members of his presidential guard on Wednesday.

General Tchiani appeared on national television on Friday and named himself "president of the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland."

The protest on Sunday comes amid growing anti-French sentiment in former colonies of France in the continent.

France, a former colonizer in Africa, still seeks control over countries spread over more than 12 territories. It has had more than 50 military interventions in the continent since 1960, when many of its former colonies gained nominal independence.

Observers accuse France of pursuing neo-colonialism in Africa, falsely claiming to fight terrorism as a pretext to maintain its influence in the region.


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