African governments using tech to expand access to quality healthcare

2023-08-07 23:13:21
African governments using tech to expand access to quality healthcare

Across Africa, health supply chains face immense burdens, leaving most citizens forced to seek medications from private companies.

However, the continent’s fragmented manufacturing and distribution networks impact drug availability, pricing, and quality.

Now, African governments are collaborating with tech innovators to optimise supply chains through digitisation, aiming to expand access to quality healthcare.

Last year, Salient Advisory surveyed over 80 African companies providing digital health supply chain solutions. This year, Salient broadened its research across 54 countries and 350 startups, tracking how they leverage technology to improve supply chain efficiencies.

A key finding shows that 11 African governments have partnered with around 50 tech-focused startups, adopting their inventory management, ordering, and delivery solutions within public health systems.

These partnerships aim to minimise wastage, optimise stock, and gain real-time visibility into demand and consumption patterns. In Kenya, county governments utilise local startup Maisha Meds’ inventory management platform within public clinics.

By monitoring stock levels, facilities can order just enough while avoiding expired products. Salient recommends donors support trade financing mechanisms so young startups can fulfil large government orders, enabling them to scale while improving public health systems.

Source: Tech in Africa


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