ECOWAS military leaders to discuss Niger crisis at Ghana summit

2023-08-17 16:47:57
ECOWAS military leaders to discuss Niger crisis at Ghana summit

Military leaders from the West African bloc known as ECOWAS are to meet in Ghana on Thursday to discuss a possible intervention to restore the ousted government in Niger.

The meeting comes a week after ECOWAS said a standby force could be used to resolve the crisis in Niger.

President Mohamed Bazoum has been held under house arrest with his wife and son since the armed junta overthrew him on 26 July.

In late July, a group of officers from Niger’s Presidential Guard launched a coup and announced that Bazoum was deposed.

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council, the organ in charge of enforcing the bloc’s decisions, met in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Monday for talks on the crisis in Niger.

Reports say that the council rejected an ECOWAS proposal to stage a military intervention unless the Nigerien military junta cedes power and reinstates Presiden Bazoum.

On Tuesday, during a telephone conversation, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Malian counterpart Assimi Goïta, who came to power by a putsch in 2020, stressed "the importance of resolving the situation" in Niger, "only by means peaceful politico-diplomatic".

Mali, a neighbouring country of Niger, very quickly showed its solidarity with the military in power in Niamey.

The latter also raised their voices on Monday evening in the face of the threat of armed intervention.


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