Africa’s position in terms of global oil reserves

2023-08-21 19:29:36
Africa’s position in terms of global oil reserves

Statistics show that Africa’s proven oil reserves has grown rapidly in recent years, highlighting that the continent has huge wealth in terms of oil resources.

Africa’s proven oil reserves have grown by nearly 120% in the past 30 years or so, from 57 billion barrels in 1980 to over 124 billion barrels today.

Of course, with a glance at the amount of Africa’s natural resources, one can understand the extent of oppression and looting of African people by the US, France, Britain and other Western countries that claim human rights and democracy.

Since last year, the collapse of governments dependent on the US and Europe in West Africa has started, and the latest case was the country of Niger, whose new military government has been supported by the majority of the people of that country.

Thousands of people in Niger have marched in the West African nation’s capital to support the new military government and condemn France’s colonial and neocolonial policies.


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