Iran President tells Senegalese counterpart Tehran to boost ties with Africa

2023-08-26 19:43:05
Iran President tells Senegalese counterpart Tehran to boost ties with Africa

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has underscored Tehran's commitment to expandiing relations with African countries based on mutual respect and shared interests.

At a meeting with Senegalese President Macky Sall on Thursday at the 15th BRICS group summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, Raeisi criticized Western states for exploiting Africa's natural resources.

"Unlike Western countries, which are only looking to loot the resources and wealth of African countries, Iran is looking for a relationship based on respect and mutual benefits," stated Raeisi.

Iran’s president also expressed his country’s readiness to share its technological, engineering, scientific, and industrial knowledge and capabilities with Senegal.

In response, President Sall commended the inclusion of Iran in the BRICS group, asserting that Iran's presence would contribute to a more balanced international system and the emergence of a multipolar world.

"The Western countries, as the main violators of human rights, seek to put pressure on independent countries under the guise of defending human rights," Sall remarked, highlighting historical colonial injustices.

"The countries that have for centuries practiced slavery on a large scale and have dark colonial records, and even nowadays continue such policies in other forms have no right to claim to be advocates of human rights."

Sall expressed a desire for increased involvement of Iranian companies and entrepreneurs in Senegal, particularly in the fields of energy and science, leveraging Iran's expertise.

In a separate meeting, President Raeisi announced Iran's willingness to collaborate with Tanzania in technology, engineering, dam and power plant construction, agriculture, and industry. The Iranian President met with Tanzanian counterpart Samia Suluhu Hassan, underlining the importance of strengthening economic and cultural relations between the two nations.

Hassan welcomed the activation of the joint economic commission and stressed the potential for expanding trade ties between Iran and Tanzania in line with their strong political and diplomatic relations.

During his visit to South Africa, President Raeisi also engaged in discussions with leaders from India, Bangladesh, and Brazil, before departing for Tehran on Friday.


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