Pres. Raeisi: Foes failed to isolate Iran, disappoint Iranians

2023-08-29 14:16:59
Pres. Raeisi: Foes failed to isolate Iran, disappoint Iranians

Raeisi cited his administration's successful approach to foreign relations as a factor, which plays key role in the failure of plots against the country. He addressed correspondents at a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

We tried to improve relations with our neighboring countries and we succeeded, he said, adding that restoration of relations with some Muslim countries led to a 14 percent increase in Iran's trade exchanges with regional countries.

He also pointed out that his administration has made a new record in trade relations and has shown that it can progress by joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the BRICS group of emerging economies.

Raeisi went on to say that the enemy failed to isolate Iran.

According to the chief executive, the enemy failed to drive the Iranian people into despair with a cyber-attack on gas stations some months after the inauguration of his tenure.

He argued that the Iranian people acted wisely and thwarted the enemy's plans, and that his government believes the success of the Iranian people in many areas can be achieved in other areas as well.

Referring to the foreign-backed unrest in Iran last year, Raeisi said the foes resorted to insecurity to prevent the country from moving forward.

The foes even left the negotiating table and gave hope to the rioters, he said. But the riots failed; so, the failure was a message the enemies to return to the negotiating table the president added.

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