Green hydrogen can power Africa’s economic growth

2023-08-31 17:51:48
Green hydrogen can power Africa’s economic growth

Green hydrogen can be a major driver of Africa’s blueprint to become a global powerhouse of the future, the African Business said in an analysis.

Next week world leaders meet in Nairobi for the inaugural Africa Climate Summit and UNFCCC Africa Climate Week, to agree on a new vision for climate-positive growth.

Green hydrogen – which can provide a route to energy access for all in Africa, and decarbonise pivotal parts of the global economic system, like heavy industry, shipping and aviation – is key to this vision.

If Africa can maximise its role in the rising hydrogen economy, the continent would simultaneously respond to the socio-economic needs of its countries; addressing energy poverty and driving development.

Africa’s world-class wind, solar and hydro power resources are central to facilitating the just energy transition; providing millions of Africans with access to clean energy and promoting sustainable development and poverty eradication.

These renewable resources can also be used to power electrolysers for green hydrogen production.


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