Iran targets East Africa for technology products

2023-09-02 23:20:51
Iran targets East Africa for technology products

Iran plans to send a trade-technology delegation to East Africa from October 15-22 to expand exports in the three countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

“Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania are the three target countries,” said Rouhollah Dehqani-Firouzabadi, the Vice President for Science and Technology, IRNA reported.

Health (medicines and medical equipment), agriculture and animal husbandry, machinery, food, and industries have been determined as the most suitable fields for export.

Concluded contracts

In July, Iranian knowledge-based companies concluded contracts for exporting medical equipment and medicine to Africa.

On July 13, President Ebrahim Raisi wrapped up his three-nation tour of Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, becoming the first Iranian president to engage in an African tour in more than a decade.

Amir-Hossein Mir-Abadi, an official with the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, has said the African market is an attractive opportunity for Iranian knowledge-based companies, IRNA reported.

Mir-Abadi said works are underway for exporting 50 types of medical equipment and 10 medicines to Africa.

He touched on the President's visit to the House of Innovation and Technology of Iran in Kenya, saying: “The capacities and capabilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies for exporting technological products were greatly appreciated.”

The process of registering more than 50 medical devices and two drugs for export to Kenya has been done, and the registration and process of exporting more than 10 other drugs to this country is in the implementation phase, he explained.

He listed agriculture, food, and livestock industries as among the fields that were highly regarded and needed by African countries.

“In his speech, the president of Kenya mentioned Iran's House of Innovation and Technology several times and the infrastructure created for technological cooperation between Iranian and Kenyan companies.”

During his visits to Kenya and Uganda, President Raisi emphasized the need to bolster technological cooperation, Mir-Abadi stressed.

In Uganda, an exhibition for knowledge-based products was opened, and in practice, an infrastructure has been created for boosting the export of knowledge-based products and the display of Iranian capabilities, the official added.

“The products presented there were mostly in the field of the food industry, agricultural industry, medicine and medical devices, chemical products and catalysts, building materials and products related to the field of livestock and poultry, as well as medicines and herbal supplements.”

Raisi visited the friendly nations of Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to strengthen Iran’s ties with Africa and to open the door for greater political and economic partnership.


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