Raisi: Era of West-dominated world is over

2023-09-19 12:24:29
Raisi: Era of West-dominated world is over

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi stated that the era of imposing certain governments’ opinions and demands on other nations has come to an end.

In a meeting with Croatian President Zoran Milanovic on the sidelines of the annual UN General Assembly in New York, Raisi expressed Iran's interest in expanding political, economic and commercial relations with Croatia.

He emphasized Iran's resistance to Western efforts to emphasize its values and interests and to transform sanctions and pressure into opportunities for progress, especially in technology.

Iran's president questioned why nuclear-armed countries like the United States and some European countries prevent other countries from benefiting from peaceful nuclear energy.

He cited, for example, Iran's remarkable progress in agriculture, industry and medicine thanks to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, adding that Iran was able to treat a million patients with radiopharmaceuticals as a result of this progress.

Raisi also discussed Palestine and stated that the voice of the people living in Palestine is the only solution to the Palestinian crisis.

Milanovic emphasized Croatia's independent foreign policy despite its membership in NATO and the European Union.

The Croatian president also ruled out a US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

(Source: Agencies)


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