Mali resisting French imperialism

2023-09-30 21:37:45
Mali resisting French imperialism

Mali is a historically renowned African country that gained independence in 1960 after years of struggle against the French colonial rule.

Now, 63 years after independence, Mali, just like many of its neighbors, is still struggling to end the French domination.

Since attaining independence, this West African state has been afflicted by rebellions, insurrections, and coups, some of which were backed and instigated by its former colonial power, France.

The current government in Mali came to power in May 2021 amid an anti-France wave in the country. The people of Mali have had enough of French neo-colonialism and now want true political and economic sovereignty.

Due to popular demand, French troops have been ejected from Mali, but this colonial power is intent on striking back.

Mali had to cancel this year's independence celebrations after attacks by separatist rebels in the northern region of the country.


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