Israeli overconfidence leads to defense failure: Expert

2023-10-10 08:21:41
Israeli overconfidence leads to defense failure: Expert

Peter Lerner, Israeli national security expert, said that rockets rain down from Gaza, hundreds of Hamas fighters enter Israel, taking over a hundred settlers with them, which is the worst possible scenario for a regime that prides itself on having eyes and ears everywhere.

This is overconfidence in military understanding of existing defenses, whether it's the Iron Dome or the barrier that was completed a few years ago, and complete confidence in the ability to prevent underground attacks, lack of intelligence, and ultimately failure of the defense line itself. So you have these three defense circles that didn't do what they should have, the Israeli national security expert argued.

Israel's intelligence services claim to be the best in the world, but their expertise did nothing to prevent what happened, he added.

Just two weeks ago, senior officials and intelligence officials said that Hamas is not interested in a full-scale conflict precisely because of past clashes, Lerner said, noting that this is clearly a miscalculation, a big miscalculation by the intelligence community.

According to the analyst, the regime’s military will move with leadership in areas with harsh situations, and a thorough investigation to determine responsibility for that Israeli security failure after the war against Hamas is over.

(Source: Agencies)


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