South Africans support Palestinians occupied by Israeli apartheid regime

2023-10-14 17:15:49
South Africans support Palestinians occupied by Israeli apartheid regime

The Palestinian struggle for liberation is one that resonates with South Africans who faced a similar regime, with recent developments in the region highlighting how some have not abandoned their past racist ideals.

The developments in Palestine stir up a range of emotions in South Africans, religious, humanitarian, historical, and personal.

“As a young person when I participated in the struggle against apartheid, I could immediately identify with the Hamas fighters breaking out ... It was a moment of excitement, a moment in which I would have wanted to step out of the ghettos in which we were living,” said Cassiem Kha, an anti-apartheid activist.

“And I could fully understand and appreciate the frustration under which the people of Gaza have been living and the fighters of Hamas have been operating,” he added.

The Zionist center in Cape Town has been quiet, but, South African Zionists are actively involved in the Israeli aggression and routinely send over South African citizens to fight in the Israeli occupation force.

Protesters have demanded that the South African government take action against them.

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on October 7 launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, an unprecedented attack, against the Israeli regime, declaring the operation was a response to the regime’s violations at the al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East al-Quds.

Israel subsequently launched a massive bombing campaign against the densely populated Gaza Strip. The ongoing Israeli air raids on Gaza have so far killed 1,900 people, including 614 children and 370 women.

The term “apartheid” was originally used to refer to a political system in South Africa which explicitly enforced racial segregation, and the domination and oppression of whites over blacks.

Apartheid is a violation of public international law, a grave violation of internationally protected human rights, and a crime against humanity under international criminal law.


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