Palestinian resistance gained upper hand with strategic military operation

2023-10-17 20:51:44
Palestinian resistance gained upper hand with strategic military operation

The Israeli regime’s humiliating withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 placed the coastal strip at the center of the illegitimate entity’s wrath as Gazans rejected the comprador authority that ruled the West Bank, marking a reversal and upheaval of the plan of Zionists.

After that, Gaza was subjected to a brutal blockade, depriving it of clean water, strictly limiting its food, and every once in a while shelling the world’s largest open-air prison.

Before the Tel Aviv regime launched its genocidal aerial bombardment campaign, it was caught by complete surprise on the morning of October 7, 2023, when the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement launched the ‘Al-Aqsa Storm’ operation.

Following the barrage of rockets that pounded the occupied territories, Hamas’s Izzidin al-Qassam brigade fighters broke through the regime’s highly-fortified fence and ambushed bases in Israeli-occupied Beit Hanoon (called Erez by the occupation) border crossing, the Zikim base, and the Gaza division headquarters at Reim.

Within a few hours, the Palestinian resistance fighters had already captured 35 Israeli military personnel, killed dozens, and captured vast swathes of occupied towns. They dragged out senior Israeli regime commander Nimrod Aloni - who was responsible for planning operations against resistance groups - in his undergarments.

Almost immediately, the resistance eliminated the entire Israeli battalion responsible for overseeing, monitoring and surveillance of the besieged Gaza Strip.

This knocked out the occupation’s intelligence capabilities to the extent that PM Benjamin Netanyahu himself had no clue about it even hours after the operation, and Israeli units failed to respond - let alone inform the public - for at least 6 hours.

The information then revealed that one of the bases ambushed by the resistance was a publicly unknown one - and not only did the Palestinian fighters know where the base was, but were able to specifically target and destroy the communications infrastructure there.

It was entirely the work of Palestinian resistance - despite a Wall Street Journal article claiming the operation was carried out with the help of Iran - an erroneous lie, especially the reference to “Hezbollah security sources”.

Iran’s United Nations office dismissed the claim while reaffirming the Islamic Republic's unflinching support for the Palestinian resistance and the surprise operation.

The lie was later retracted by the Pentagon, issuing a statement that there was no evidence of Iran’s involvement, but already, it was clear that Iran was also a target - likely at the request of a desperate regime in Tel Aviv, who realized that its security, like its impenetrable wall, was completely broken.

The Palestinian resistance was victorious not because of any co-incidence or luck, but because of its strategic vision and military prowess, which is lacking on the other side.

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By Julia Kassem, a freelance writer, having contributed to Detroit's own Riverwise, Against the Current, and nationally syndicated outlets such as Counterpunch, Mintpressnews, and TruthOut.


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