South Africa's third biggest political party holds anti-Israeli protest

2023-10-24 21:06:37
South Africa's third biggest political party holds anti-Israeli protest

South African opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, held a pro-Palestinian demonstration on Monday in Pretoria.

Crowds gathered in front of the Israeli Embassy, renewing calls for the closure of the embassy and urged retailers to stop selling Israeli goods.

"When you are oppressed, the only option you have is to fight, and that's what Hamas is doing", said Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

"They are fighting for their freedom, [Nelson] Mandela did the same thing, took up the guns and fought for the freedom of the people of South Africa, when you are oppressed, you only have one option," he added.

Last year, UK-based Amnesty International said its investigation shows that Israel imposes a system of oppression and domination against Palestinians across all areas under its occupation.

Amnesty said this amounts to apartheid as prohibited in international law.

The term “apartheid” was originally used to refer to a political system in South Africa which explicitly enforced racial segregation, and the domination and oppression of whites over blacks.

Apartheid is a violation of public international law, a grave violation of internationally protected human rights, and a crime against humanity under international criminal law.


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