Israel will be eliminated if it tries to expel Palestinians from Gaza: Hezbollah

2023-11-15 20:43:42
Israel will be eliminated if it tries to expel Palestinians from Gaza: Hezbollah

A senior Hezbollah official has vowed Israel “will be eliminated” if it tries to expel Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and US interests must be attacked in order to bring the regime’s aggression to a halt.

Sheikh Naim Qassem, who has served as the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah since 1991, made the remarks in an interview with the Spain-based El Mundo daily.

“If Israel decides to extend the aggression, it will be digging its own grave and will provide a good opportunity to be eliminated once and for all,” he said, referring to proposals by Israeli think tanks to expel Palestinians from Gaza, which have been publicized by Israeli media.

He said Hezbollah tries to force Israel to stop its attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip, adding that there’s a real possibility of expansion of the war if Israel refuses to halt its attacks.

“The number of civilians killed by Israel increases every day. We have a plan to respond to these types of attacks and force Israel to rein in. But it is a decision that will be made on the battlefield,” he further commented.

“As to whether the war will spread, that possibility exists ... If they attack us, we will have to defend ourselves and we will use all our power. We are not afraid of Israeli threats. We are convinced that we will win,” he noted.

He said Hezbollah is in a “much better position” compared to 2006 when it battled the regime for 33 days, and that its warehouses are full of weapons.

‘Attacking US essential to stop aggression’

Asked to comment on a recent threat by an Israeli minister that the regime might decide to nuke Gaza and if such a nuclear attack might also target Lebanon, Qassem said they’re not afraid of Israeli nukes.

“If Israel uses nuclear weapons, it will kill the Israelis before it kills us. This is a very small territory. In any case, we are not afraid of nuclear weapons. [The statements of the minister] are an example of his arrogance. The West should tell us what it thinks about a minister [from Israel] suggesting the use of nuclear weapons.”

Asked about the reason behind attacks on US bases in Syria and Iraq, he said the resistance has to confront both Israel and its allies, namely the US, France, Germany and the UK, who aid and abet the Israeli massacres.


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