Israel underscored criminal nature by killing Palestinian parliament speaker

2023-11-18 22:38:30
Israel underscored criminal nature by killing Palestinian parliament speaker

Iran says the assassination of prominent Palestinian politician and acting parliament speaker Ahmad Bahar further exposed the criminal nature of Israel which has killed thousands of people in Palestine over the past few weeks.

In a Saturday statement, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani condoled the martyrdom of Bahar to the leadership of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, his family and the Palestinian nation.

“The apartheid Zionist regime has laid bare its dirty, criminal and anti-human nature by killing the acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council and thousands of Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip and in the (occupied) West Bank over more than 40 continuous days.”

He said crimes committed by the Israeli regime would not affect the resolve of the Palestinian nation and resistance groups in their struggle to liberate their country from the occupation of the Zionists.

The diplomat called on international organizations and entities to perform their responsibilities and to adopt urgent measures that could stop Israel's killing machine in Gaza.

Hamas on Saturday confirmed the death a day earlier of Bahar, 76, who was a member of the group’s political bureau and had served as deputy speaker and acting speaker of the Palestinian parliament.

Unconfirmed reports suggest he had been injured in an Israeli air strike on Gaza earlier this week.

At least 12,300 people have been killed in Israel’s brutal military campaign against Gaza since October 7 when the regime launched an aggression against the enclave in response to a Hamas operation on the same day which killed some 1,200 Israeli settlers and military forces.


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