Israel failed to achieve its goals in Gaza war: Hamas official

2023-11-25 18:45:37
Israel failed to achieve its goals in Gaza war: Hamas official

A senior official from Hamas says the Palestinian resistance movement is in "good condition" after 48 days of Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip, saying the occupying regime failed to achieve any of its goals.

Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ office in the diaspora, made the remarks on Saturday, a day after a four-day truce was implemented in the besieged enclave.

“A number of fighters and leaders of the resistance and their relatives were martyred in the Gaza war, but they are not from the front line. However, the resistance’s condition is good and its weapons, tunnel, and leaders are safe,” Meshaal said.

“The Zionist enemy (in the Gaza war) was unable to achieve any of its goals and despite moving some people from northern Gaza, the majority of Palestinian citizens remained in their areas,” he added.

The senior Hamas official further expressed hope that the war in Gaza would not prolong, emphasizing that the resistance movement has prepared itself for “a long-term war."

Israel waged the war on Gaza on October 7 after Hamas carried out a surprise attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, into the occupied territories in response to the occupying regime’s intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

According to the Gaza-based health ministry, nearly 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in the strikes, most of them women and children, and injured around 36,000 others.

The occupying regime has also imposed a “complete siege” on Gaza, cutting off fuel, electricity, food, and water to the more than two million Palestinians living there.


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