Western imperial powers and Israeli regime benefit from Muslim disunity

2023-11-27 16:15:37
Western imperial powers and Israeli regime benefit from Muslim disunity

In the past several weeks, we have witnessed brutal genocide unfolding in the besieged Gaza Strip. Israeli child killers have been on a killing spree, bombing anywhere and everywhere.

Yes, make no mistake about it: it is a war of the occupying Israeli regime on Palestinian civilians.

They have been killing people in their homes, hospitals, markets, mosques and churches. With a generous supply of American weaponry, the daily massacres have been ruthlessly inhumane.

The murderous regime has completely wiped out hundreds of Palestinian families since October 7. Infants have been murdered in their incubators and elderly people have been killed in their sleep.

At the time of writing this piece, the death toll had already crossed 15,000 in Gaza, most of them innocent children and women. And there are more than 2,000 people buried in the rubble.

Despite the four-day truce, under which Israeli captives and Palestinian prisoners were swapped, there have been reports about the Israeli regime warplanes continuing to pound Gaza and the West Bank.

The number of completely destroyed mosques has been put at 85, and the partially destroyed ones are reportedly 174, in addition to at least three churches that have been partially or completely damaged.

Backed by the Western states, the Israeli regime has perpetrated horrendous massacres against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the past seven weeks, including in cramped refugee camps.

The number of injuries has exceeded 35,000 with more than 75 percent of them being children and women, according to Palestinian health authorities and aid groups on the ground in Gaza.

Let's get straight to the point: The genocide in Gaza happened because the Muslim Ummah is divided, which is utterly unfortunate.

With a united house of Islam, the genocide in Gaza was avoidable and preventable. Division brings weakness. If you are divided, you will be rendered weak. Unity is strength. Unity is power.

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