Eating late at night raises risk of stroke: Study

2023-12-16 19:28:16
Eating late at night raises risk of stroke: Study

We know that what you eat can impact your health — but what about when you eat? The earlier your first and last meal of the day, the better for your heart health, according to a new study.

The researchers found that delaying your first meal of the day is connected to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. For each hour you put off your initial meal, the risk of heart-related issues increases by 6%.

Another thing to avoid, according to the study, was eating too late at night. Eating at 9 p.m. was associated with a 28% increase in the risk of cerebrovascular disease, such as stroke.

The research also found that the longer you fast between your nighttime meal and your morning meal, the lower your risk for cerebrovascular disease.

This isn’t the only study to find the benefits of eating earlier in the day, and avoiding eating too late at night.

A study in the journal of Cell Metabolism found that eating later in the day affects certain processes in the body, such as decreasing the energy you have in the morning and altering how your body stores fat. It found that later eating may lead to obesity and other health problems.

Source: Yahoo


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