Yemen warns of expansion of attacks on Israeli regime

2023-12-17 11:18:00
Yemen warns of expansion of attacks on Israeli regime

An official with Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has cautioned that the Arab country’s retaliatory attacks on the Israeli regime would expand to the depth of the occupied territories if strikes on the Gaza Strip continue.

According to Shehab news agency, member of Ansarullah's political bureau Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said late on Saturday that Yemeni fighters could totally bring to a halt the Israeli shipping lines via the Red Sea.

Al-Bukhaiti went on to say that the Israeli enemy tries to cover up the real number of the regime’s casualties caused by Yemeni operations.

Spokesman for Yemen's Ansarullah movement Mohammed Abdul-Salam also said on Saturday night that under the supervision of Oman, the Yemeni side is negotiating with international parties on military operations made by the Yemeni armed forces in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea.

In different ongoing meetings, Ansarullah underlined the Yemenis will not pursue bargaining strategy when it comes to Gaza, the spokesman said, adding that the enemy’s ships or the vessels that are heading towards ports of the regime will be targeted until the end of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as well as the lifting of Gaza blockade and the delivery of humanitarian aids to the besieged area.

In recent weeks, Yemen’s army carried out several attacks on Israeli or Israeli-bound ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait with the aim of pushing the regime to stop war crimes and let influx of foodstuff and medicines into the Gaza Strip.

(Source: Agencies)


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