Iranians attend Autism Awareness Walk to help improve mindfulness

2023-12-19 10:35:53
Iranians attend Autism Awareness Walk to help improve mindfulness

An Autism Awareness Walk was staged around the Chitgar Lake, located in the west of the Iranian capital Tehran, to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the society.

The families of autistic patients have to make all-out efforts to accompany and take care of their loved ones during their lifespan, while these parents are sometimes forced to apologize for their children’s unintentional behaviors, because many people around them do not even know how to understand and encounter the autistic patients. Different situations such as change of seasons, sounds, light, abundant information as well as staring at these patients can disturb them.

At the end of the walking event for autistic patients, some family members of autistic adults addressed ordinary people present at around the Chitgar Lake, emphasizing the need for improving public awareness about the phenomenon and familiarity with the different behaviors of the autistic patients. Lack of sympathy and appropriate reaction by some people have forced families of the autistic patients to live in isolation.

Certain sponsors of the autism community in Iran supplied the expenditures of the Autism Awareness Walk to fulfill their social responsibility.

The next Autism Awareness Walk is scheduled to be held in March 2024 concurrent with World Autism Awareness Month, which will be kicked off on April 2. For more information, visit the official website of the Iran Autism Association (IAA)

(Source: Agencies)


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