Nairobi clears Iran firms for pharma imports

2023-12-30 14:08:24
Nairobi clears Iran firms for pharma imports

Kenya has laid the foundation for some 11 Iranian pharmaceutical firms to export their products to the African country.

Following coordination made by Iran’s embassy to Nairobi and the Iran House of innovation & Technology (iHiT), Kenya’s Ministry of Health issued good manufacturing practices (GMP) certifications for 11 Iranian companies active in the health and medical care sector to export their products to the country.

The certifications have been issued following specialized consultations between Kenyan Ministry of Health and knowledge-based Iranian pharmaceutical companies.

Given the enormous medicine market in Kenya, it is expected that this cooperation would end up in the economic growth of the Iranian pharmaceutical industry as well as the bigger share of Iranian knowledge-based firms in eastern Africa.

This achievement indicates the technical capabilities and high quality of the Iran-made products as well as President Ebrahim Raisi administration’s determination to improve scientific and technical cooperation with developing countries, particularly in Africa.

(Source: Agencies)


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