Iran foreign minister says Gaza war rooted in decades of Israeli occupation

2024-01-01 17:03:09
Iran foreign minister says Gaza war rooted in decades of Israeli occupation

Iran’s Foreign Minister spoke with UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Sunday, telling him the war in Gaza is rooted in decades of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, with the UK having a role in this crisis.

The Palestinian crisis has roots in October 7 events. It has roots in 75 years of the occupation by the Israeli regime, constant violation of the basic rights of the Palestinians, committing war crimes in Palestine and genocide against this innocent nation, and of course, the UK role is evident in these issues,” Amir-Abdollahian told Cameron in a phone conversation.

The top Iranian diplomat said that his country considers Hamas a freedom-seeking movement, which has stood up against the occupation and apartheid, and condemned certain Western states for remaining silent on the Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel’s brutal military offensive in Gaza has killed a total of 21,822 Palestinians, most of them women and children, and wounded 56,451 others. The war has triggered a global outrage, with protesters across the world rallying to call for a ceasefire.

Amir-Abdollahian also denounced what he called double standards by the US and some Western countries towards the wars in Gaza and Ukraine.

It is not appropriate that the Israeli regime is allowed to commit genocide and massacre of women and children in Gaza and create tensions in the region, but stopping a Zionist ship in the Red Sea is regarded as a threat to the security of this economic waterway, he noted.

On threats against the Islamic Republic, the Iranian foreign minister said that his country will definitely give a strong response to any act of aggression and adventurism by Israel, which will make the regime regret its actions.

The British foreign secretary also elaborated on his country’s stance on the ongoing developments in Gaza and the Red Sea, and called for efforts by the Islamic Republic to help stop the spillover of the war and ensure the navigation security.


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