Top 10 states for remote jobs

2024-01-06 08:04:46
Top 10 states for remote jobs

A new year usually heralds the arrival of change and progress. It’s a time, too, when we traditionally make resolutions that few of us commit to seeing through to the end.

It’s also a time of year when we re-evaluate our career paths and start hunting and applying for new jobs.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape has completely changed when it comes to our working habits, with hybrid or remote working increasingly becoming a default option for many of us.

A new report by cybersecurity platform Nordlayer has analyzed where the best places in the world to be a remote worker are - and found that Europe dominated the board with not only the top 10 spots but most of the top half as well.

The 2023 Global Remote Work Index crunched the data from 108 countries and gave them scores based on how they shaped up based on various criteria, including access to stable, fast Internet connections, socio-economic benefits like healthcare as well as human rights protections.

While it’s true that people’s priorities do not align and what they value most also differs, the study found that Denmark came top overall when scores from the four key categories - cyber safety, digital and physical infrastructure, social safety, and economic safety - were taken into account.

According to the Global Remote Work Index 2023, countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland and Slovakia are the top 10 places for remote jobs.

(Source: Agencies)


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